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FOHO allows sharing of Real Estate using Blockchain. Together, let’s build the Real Estate sharing economy of the future!

Be a part of our FOHO Army and help us in spreading the word about FOHO in the Crypto space. FOHO is privileged to have the immense support from a diverse and dedicated community that is helping us drive brand awareness. We’ve heard the fam and the next step towards achieving our common vision is the launch of an Ambassador Program.

Introducing FOHO Army

We are thrilled to announce — FOHO’s Ambassador Program. This is an initiative taken by the FOHO family to help expand our network by creating awareness and sharing FOHO related information pertaining to Real Estate using Blockchain and the global adoption of the FOHO Coin.

We are looking for Crypto enthusiasts who can add value to the FOHO Ecosystem. The ambassadors will get a unique opportunity to work closely with the core team of FOHO Coin, and gain exposure to other key participants & developments in the Crypto space. We will be recognising and monitoring the efforts of the FOHO Army. This program is curated to reward the most dedicated members who prove to be assets to the FOHO Ecosystem through engaging content and adoption of community-centric efforts.

The FOHO Army ambassador program has a reward pool of upto 20,000 FOHO Coins which is 2000$ at IEO price. There will be monthly rewards based on participation and contribution. There will also be surprises and rewards for the 5 best members who are most impactful to the FOHO Ecosystem.

Who can be a part of the FOHO Army?

To be a part of the ambassador program you need to:

  • Be an active member of the FOHO community
  • Have a thorough understanding of Bitcoin and Crypto, and how to reach out to the relevant audience in the Crypto space.
  • Understand our values, know our mission and study our portal/ apps/ services, etc.
  • Contributor who can contribute to our platforms via creative content, memes, gifs, infographics, charts, videos and more.

Roles & Responsibilities of the FOHO Army

* Content Creation: Create content that engages the community. This includes;
1. Status updates, facts, memes, videos and other material.
2. Explanatory infographics.
3. Posts about FOHO on Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, etc.
4. YouTube explainer videos about the FOHO Ecosystem.
5. Blogs or Articles explaining the FOHO Ecosystem.

*Community Engagement: Build engagement in the community. Additionally you have to establish and grow regional communities & communities within the Army to support you and the FOHO Ecosystem.

*Influencer Marketing: Connect with influencers for special campaigns. You have direct access to our Marketing team.

*Twitter Content: Create short and relevant tweets regarding FOHO with #FOHOARMY

*Community Support: Extend support to our social media platform by retweeting, sharing and liking FOHO content.

*Partner Outreach: Lead partnerships with other projects that can work with $FOHO and add value to the project. Get rewarded for every successful partnership.

*Participation: Be an active participant in all AMA’s organized by FOHO.

More details will be shared with the ARMY during the post-selection process. Keep checking our telegram group and social media handles for updates. The FOHO team will provide the necessary support, guidance and resources at every stage.

Rewards and Benefits

* Get a FOHO Hoodie. Post your pictures with our merchandise on our social media pages to get bonus rewards.

* Get rare FOHO Collectibles.

* Get rewarded for the work you do.

Example: For every article/ blog / video which reaches minimum threshold of impressions or views — Get Rewarded!Greater the number of Impressions, bigger the rewards. (Minimum Impression = 250 Views)

* Get rewards of upto 2000$ every month.

* Learn new skills, lead initiatives, organize events, network and build your professional profile.

*Get rewarded for every successful connection to a media platform/ influencer.

*Get a chance to work closely with the FOHO team.

*Get a free stay for being our top 5 contributors.

The top 2 contributors will get:
— A 1 week stay at Rio De Goa by Tripvillas ( )

The other 3 contributors will get:
— A 2 Night stay at Kenisha Holiday Homes by Tripvillas ( )

How to join the FOHO Army?

Please fill out the application provided. We will be selecting the most passionate and active members from the community over the next few days. After the selection, detailed instructions will be provided during the onboarding process.

Apply here: Click here or fill the form below :

Looking forward to growing together!


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FOHO allows sharing of real estate using Blockchain. Lets build the real estate sharing economy of the future.